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Do you have a big urine drug test coming up soon? Are you scared to take the urine drug test because you have been using illegal substance? Many people call in sick on those days because they know what the test will show. Make sure you have left yourself some leeway if you are abusing illegal substances for these tests whether they are announced or unannounced. Some people don't realize how long the illegal substances and other drugs can stay in their system. Make sure you are up to date on the latest information so you won't get caught and lose your job in the process.

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How A Urine Drug Test Works

Urine drug tests require at least one sample from the person who is being tested. Sometimes they will tape off the toilet and the faucets of the sink. They will also have a thermometer attached to the outside of the cup to be sure that it is body temperature. Some companies use the dipstick type of urine test, while others send it off to a lab for complete testing. Sometimes the tester will even accompany you to the restroom to make sure you are not switching out the samples. If the sample you give comes back as a positive, you can figure they will send it to another lab for even further testing to make sure. Many people have try to come up with many ways to beat the test, but the urine drug test is right most of the time. Some of the ways is to drink a lot of fluid to dilute the urine so the lab cannot get a good reading. Vitamin B can also change the color of the urine from a light to a dark yellow. Specific gravity testing will tell them if the dilution is the problem with the testing results.

The most common type of urine drug test is for pre-employment especially if you are in a medical setting. These people are tested randomly and yearly most of the time. The reason behind doing the urine drug test before they hire you is to ward off any problems from the start. Some people don't realize the may be in for a surprise urine drug test the day they go for the interview with no warning at all. This leaves them in a bad shape if they are really needing a job. Some users will buy a home test kit to help them determine what the results would be on the test they took at their place of employment. This will let them know they need to stop taking the illegal substances now so the substance can get out of their system in time for the real test as well. These home kits can be purchased at your local pharmacy and online.

If you can, the best way to beat a urine drug test is to stop taking the illegal substance at once. You may suffer withdrawal symptoms stopping abruptly, but at least you will be giving the illegal substance time to get out of your system before the test. This way, they cannot say you have been using alcohol or any other illicit and illegal substances. You are sure to be able to keep your job, and you won't have to worry about the announced or unannounced urine drug tests that are coming up soon.

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